Welcome on my web site which is my modest contribution to this huge mess that is the web. We always look for everything and anything on the internet. We also fing everything and anything on the internet. This we site is filled of everything and nothing, Hope it helps.

I thanks all people the help me making that web site better everyday.

On my web site you will find a collection of manhole cover, excel spreadsheets on centrifugal pumps and even a course on centrifugals compressor. Some home made animated gifs about potical, humor, rotating equipment are at your disposal too.

Of course you will find the font of "Amélie from Paris" which make that web site so famous.

The English version,It is now back but is still under progress.
Feel free to contact me for any questions, Enjoy your trip !

Picture of the mo-MANS- :

savon soap alep

In 2016, in France, we can buy this soap from Alep (extra olive oil).
Where go the money ? Let's call the distibutor. More information in the next episode.

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Hard to become an old woman, that's it or dying young

The old woman at chemist's

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